Created a FB fan page for The Captain, featuring Chicken Tikka. Once this chicken breed was highly prized for their chickeny deliciousness  now they have been genetically engineered to be

  • Featherless, to save time plucking them.
  • Footless, to save on waste
  • Pre-flavoured to save time marinating them.


However, something went wrong. Without feathers they had no protection from the heat, suffered heat stroke and fainted in the chook yard. They had a second (three actually) major problem, they had developed long fangs and a very, very nasty temperament believed to be caused by the red food colouring used in the gene splicing recipe.

The Department of Discovery kept the Chicken Tikka under lock and key for, even though on first glance they looked like harmless rubber chickens, they were very dangerous.  After the Grand Catastrophe they escaped the labs to the jungle and set up home in under water caves and pools to avoid the sun. They were feared by all who passed by their watery lair.