CAPTAIN KITTY HAWK is a sci-fi parody, a romp in the hilarious recesses of a deranged mind.

A legendary girl scientist leads a band of disgruntled mailroom workers through strange lands on a journey to help a band of peace loving alien rock musicians return to their home planet.

Will it all go postal!


Judex Jones, that’s me; the name has been changed to protect the innocent,  currently teaching film, video and script writing at the TAFE Wollongong and University of Wollongong campus’s. I have also worked for post production houses on the east coast of OZ, produced various short films and worked on the development and look of Happy Feet.


This Graphic Novel a work in progress, (WIP). I started it way back in the distant past when I did eight years in a maximum security prison – as a  teacher.

It’s a intertextual  anomaly whose inspiration comes from a variety of sources including the guys I taught in prison, all NSW Aboriginal men;  a dream I had about a girl and a hawk;  and other weird experiences with Aboriginal Clever Women I had too crazy to mention.

After a long hiatus from teaching in jails to work in post production houses such as Ambience, Animal Logic, Cutting Edge, Digifilm and Photon I am back teaching and writing.

While working at Animal Logic some bright producer suggested I turn ‘That Hawk’ into a cult comic.
Right shall I just advertise for cult followers then?

You know an ad in the paper……Wanted; Cult comic book followers  required for immediate start. Successful applicants must have at least five years cult experience ability to spread the word via social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and YouTube and diehard enthusiasm required.

Please do not apply if you have no previous cult following experience.
Send your Avatars and resumes to ………………………..

CAPTAIN KITTY HAWK - The WIP Files, is both literal and metaphoric. CAPTAIN KITTY HAWK the Graphic Novel will be organic, grow and change over time. Pages might go up and then they might come down and go up improved. She will have a digital home and is intended to be read on line I have NO plans for a print run.
The WIP Files also stand as a metaphor for the growth of Kitty and her companions. Life is a journey not a destination.